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A Christian Home-Based Business Opportunity and State-of-the-Art Nutritional/Skin Care Product Line.


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NO Credit Card needed to receive information and NO Future Obligation. All we need is your Full Name, Phone and Email Address and you will receive your own FREE Personal Website and Back Office and all of the information you need to get started ... GO FOR IT!!!


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Scriptures 4us  100% Christian Owned

Here's What We Offer... Bible Lesson Online, CD. 90% Commission. A Cop-op Advertising Program. A Givers Program. Six (6) Months to Pay  Program. FREE Sign-up. FREE Personal Webpage and much more.

Our Christian Opportunity is ... Easy, Very Affordable, it WORKS!!!

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"Best of the Best" Nutritional/Skin Care Products!


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Look at the labels of the Nutritional Products you are now using and you'll be lucky if you see ONE endorsement. We have five (5) plus many more, which puts us at the top 1% of all Nutritional Companies in the USA. PLUS we have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau ...  You can't get better than that!

Any Questions or Need Help? Feel Free to call 216-417-9153. If you don't like talking on the phone  then click on our 24 hour CONTACT US button below. Click on CHAT for a LIVE chat on your computer from Mon-Fri from 9am to 10pm ET. After those hours, leave an email message and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Members Testimonies

1)  "In an age of the Billion dollar nutritional supplement explosion you have managed to introduce us to the Most Powerful, best tasting liquid multi-vitamin on the planet. As a two (2) time Olympic Gold Medal winner and seven (7) time National Champion in weightlifting, I know everything about nutritional and how important it is to become healthy. I thought I had seen all the best supplementation the industry had to offer, until now. Scriptures4us Nutritional Products are in a class of it's own!” ... Charles Vinci - Two (2) time Olympic Gold Medal Winner  and seven (7) time National Champion in weightlifting. 

2)  "I joined and my first three (3) months I earned over $125.00. I've already earned over $.800.00 .... Teresa Rosado, Yonkers NY

3)  "RosarioI was baptized in 1951 and have been a Christian most of my life.  But I've always been aware that my knowledge of the Bible, Christ and Christianity did not guarantee my understanding of what I knew. But when the Student is ready, the Master appears. And that's what the Bible Lessons on CD mean to me. Because of your ability, your knowledge, your understanding and your phenomenal ability to communicate, MY understanding continues to increase each time I play one (and I do play them frequently - both in my home and in my car). It fascinates me that at the age of 71 I'm finally really understanding the song: What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Your Bible Lessons on CD’s are Amazing.“ ... Max Huber, CA

Click Here ... If you are not a member yet and  would like to receive FREE NO Obligation Information on how you can become part of our FANTASTIC Christian Home Based Opportunity. This opportunity is Easy, Very Affordable and it WORKS! .... Over 475,000 USA Members.

*Disclaimer: ALL Potential Incomes are not Guarantees. Only illustrations to show the Power of Our Marketing Plan

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