Please Read Are we selling the Gospel? Absolutely Not. The Gospel is FREE. What we are doing is no different then what a Christian Book Store does that sells, Bible, Books, Cards, Music and many other things. The only difference is that we SHARE our profits with our members. Read Galatians 6:10. 



OUR SIMPLE MARKETING PLAN - ONE (1) Level that pays from 90% or as much as 100% Commission every month on all of your members that join any of our Auto Bible Lessons Online or CD Program and 25% Commission on every member that joins the Product Certificate Program. 

That's it!!! -  No complicated Multi-Level Marketing Plan with many levels. Just ONE (1) Level so YOU get ALL of the income that is due to you for all of the work you do. 

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OUR PROMISE - You can cancel any of the programs in Step ONE or Step TWO without any additional changes or fees. That's a PROMISE and the reason why we have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

This is the Most Important Step

Step ONE - - Join any of our Auto Programs. This will qualify you as an official member and will qualify you to start receiving from 90%, 95% and to as much as 100% Commission on any of Bible Lessons Programs any member that joins any of these programs. Also 25% Commission of all Product Certificate Programs.

This is HOW wealth is created. We have "everything you need to succeed" so don't hesitate to join either one of these programs! Don't allow doubt, a very small amount of money, anxiety, fear or someone else's opinion to hold you back from the GREATEST Christian Opportunity on the planet ... GO FOR IT!!!

BIG BONUS 25% OFF on any of our Nutritional, Skin Care, Bath, Shower and Body Lotion Products.

 .......  CANCEL anytime with NO penalty fees, additional charges or future obligation whatsoever.  

When Your Ready

Step TWO - Consider joining the Optional, but "Highly Recommended" Co-op Advertising Program  and/or our FaceBook Advertising Programs.  Join any of these programs for 1/20 the cost of advertising on your own. Our ad agency designs and places (1/3-1/2) page full color display ads in national magazines. Every time a new member responds to one of our ads we equally divide the responses among all participants.

This is the Easiest way and most Affordable way to build a successful group. Our Co-Op Advertising Program generates hundreds of leads each month and will do more to increase your commission checks more than anything else.
Join TODAY! Don't hesitate for one minute to join this program. It will change your Financial Future Forever and eventually you will be earning more income than you ever thought possible.

 .......  CANCEL anytime with NO penalty fees, additional charges or future obligation whatsoever.  

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Very Important

Step THREE - Contact and introduce yourself to your Personally Sponsored Members and welcome them to your group. Work with the Company, your Sponsor and other members in your group for training, questions, encouragement and any other concerns. Use your Back Office on a regular basis so you can keep a close watch on the growth of your group.

That's It!!! ... Follow those 3 Simple Steps each month and "little by little" watch your group and commission checks  grow beyond what you ever thought possible ...GO FOR IT!!!

Need help or have any questions, feel free to call us 1-844-246-6760 Mon-Fri from 8am to 4pm Eastern Time. After Hours leave a message and we WILL call you back with NO Sales Presentation or Pressure to join.

Click Here to have all of your questions can be answered and your "Potential Income".

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