John Abate, B.A., M.S., PMP
Director of Quality Control
Mr. Abate has served as our Director of Research and Development since the company’s inception in August 2014. From February 2013 to September 2014, Mr. Abate was an independent consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry, specializing in product development and product quality.
Prior to this, he was employed for over 20 years in various high-level positions in the research and development of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in several prestigious companies, including AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers-Squibb, and Amgen. In these firms he led development teams that brought very important therapies to market for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and various other metabolic diseases.


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  Rosario Abate - Director of Biblical Studies
Rosario is a former Radio Evangelist who had his own Christian Radio Show “Get a Life” (taken from 1 John 5:12) on WCCD Family Radio in Cleveland Ohio. His show was aired daily from 12 noon to 12:30 and had ten's of thousands of listeners.
"We asked  Rosario to host our daily talk radio Get a Life (taken from 1 John 5:12) because we knew he had the gift of teaching the gospel in an easy to understand format that edifies all who listen. We were proud to have him as our host and we’re sure that all members of Scriptures4us will love his monthly teaching lessons."  Get a Life Ministries, Inc.
Rosario was a former salon owner and National Stylist for Helene Curtis Professional Products. He has traveled all over the country doing shows and salon training classes for thousands of salon owners and stylists. He has also appeared  as a guest stylist on TV and has been featured in numerous hair trade magazines and newspapers.