The Pay Forward Givers Program
Your Guaranteed KEY to Success!!!
This is Optional Program is "highly highly recommend", but is not necessary to become or remain a member.

MUST read everything on this page to ... CATCH THE VISION!!!!
To encourage your Members to participate on their own. 
The Pay Forward Givers Program that will earn you hundreds each and every month in 3-6 months and eventually thousands per month.
Sound to good to be true? ... Yes, but  when we are  paying a 90% commission then it is not only possible but it’s a REALITY!!!
READ EVERY SINGLE WORD, because this is what WILL make you Financially Independent and then read the testimony at the bottom.
As an example: Lets say you sponsor five (5) members each month, which will cost $99.95 out of pocket. 

WAIT!!! ... Since we pay a 90% commission on each person you sponsor in this program you will …  “get back” … $89.80 which means it cost you ONLY $9.95 or a $1.99 per person to do this.
WAIT!!! ... Now here is the most FANTASTIC part about this program. If only ONE (1) of these members joins the Bible Lessons Online or CD you will receive a commission of $17.96 each and every month which comes to $215.52 in one year. So, not only did you get back your $19.95, but now you are now earning much  MORE then you spent to get this ONE person.
WAIT!!! ... Now, since you are making a profit, then keep doing this over and over and every time you do this from this point on, the cost of doing this, will always be ZERO dollars, because you get back $89.80 plus from that ONE (1) person you will be receiving $17.96 = $107.76. So now you have $107.96 in your pocket to spend another $99.75.
Which means ONLY (1) member joining the auto program will put you over the top not just for that month but EVERY month and when you realize that it is costing you ZERO dollars to this, then there is "no reason in the world" not continue to do this. Even if you do this 50 times it will still cost you ZERO dollars. What if 2, 5, 10, 50 people join and eventually 500 to 1,000 in a few years or so? How much would your income be  every month? You do the math. $17.96 X _____ members = $ ________

If you need help understand this feel free to call Toll Free 1-844- 246-6760 Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm Eastern Time or click on the Chat Icon 24/7.

Members Testimony  
"I am a Math Teacher and as soon as I saw this, I knew it would work. So I sponsored five (5) people my first month. The next month just one (1) person joined and now I realized that this ONE (1) person more then paid for my investment. So I doubled my efforts and as a result of being in Scriptures4us for only eight (8) months my commission check will be well over $500.00 next month. Six (6) months from now I should hit a least $1,000.00 per month and it keeps on growing and growing.
The Pay Forward Givers Program is a God sent system to help you build a successful  business and what makes it a "Win Win" situation is the fact that you get back 90% ($17.76) every time you do this. Now ... "Hold on the your seat" ... because, every time someone joins on their own you will earn 108 ... repeat ... 108 times more then you invested.
WAIT: My God in Heaven. If you can’t see that the Pay Forward Givers Program will and does work and is your KEY to becoming Financially Independent, then it's time to get a new pair of classes. As your brother in Christ ... DON'T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ... let this God sent Biblical program pass you by. It will change your life like it has mine." Thomas Valance Ontario, CA


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This BIBLICAL Program can and will change your Financial Future FOREVER. Read "everything" on this page over and over until you can see that this WILL (not maybe) work for you and then ... GO FOR IT!!!