Expensive training is a rip-off

One of my customers recently sent me an email to share with me yet another new "hyped up and jacked up" training that's been produced by some industry "leader". This new training is supposed to reveal secrets never before revealed. It costs $450 but is currently discounted 50% to $225 until a deadline date.
I have no doubt that thousands of success-seeking network marketers will fork over their $225 to buy the training, thinking that there's something magical and secretive on the training that will cause them to "finally" succeed in network marketing.
It bothers me that many unsuspecting network marketers fall prey to the hype over expensive network marketing trainings, and part ways with their hard-earned money to receive such training, especially when the training is supposed to reveal "secret(s)" to succeeding in network marketing. 
I do understand it how easy it is to fall prey to the "there's a secret to be learned" pitch. I really do, as it's happened to me before. During my first 4-1/2 years in the business when I was failing, I too, on several occasions, got sucked into paying $200-$500 to attend and/or receive network marketing training from an industry "leader" and "top earner". All of it was a total waste of money and time. It was a rip-off, plain and simple.
How is it that so many people - me included - get sucked into paying for the expensive training? The answer is because the overwhelming majority of network marketers are not making any money in the industry, although they want to in the worst way. They live vicariously through the top earners, hoping and praying that they too, will someday make the coveted five-figure monthly income.
So, when a top earner (an industry "rock star") comes out with an expensive training, they advertise it with all sorts of glitzy and descriptive sentences and claims. Moreover, they often times create the illusion that there's some sorts of "success secret" to be learned by receiving the training.
I'm here to tell you that you do not need to buy the expensive trainings. When it comes to succeeding in network marketing there's nothing you can be taught that is new or undiscovered.
Someone reading this might say I'm a hypocrite for writing this article, because I sell the Ultimate Success CDs. To that person I would say, "I'm not talking about merely selling training. I'm talking about selling expensive hyped-up training that consists of nothing more than the same generic 'cow-cud' training that's permeated this industry for many decades. Such training is a total rip-off. And regarding my set of CDs, they cost a mere $19.95 for the 7-CD set. That's $2.85 per CD. Each CD is about 72-minutes long. So that's 8.4 hours of the best, the most honest, and the most revealing network marketing training ever produced for a mere $19.95."
In summary . . . you and your downline do not need to waste your money on expensive training. You simply need POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE AND HONEST training, and it can be obtained for less than $20.

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