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"As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith." Galatians 6:10

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Potential Income, Questions & Answers 

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1) How much income can I earn as a member?

Answer:  It's totally up to YOU and how much effort, time and money you are willing to spend to build YOUR business. However, we will tell you this. The opportunity is here if you would like to someday to do this on a Full Time basis.

*Examples of income over a period of time if you sponsor.

      ... You do the math. 

Remember "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" and neither will your business. So be patient and give yourself some time and "Never Give Up".

If this is what you want, then Click Here to learn more about How To Get Started. NO Future Obligation Ever.

Here is all you need to do to be a success with our opportunity:

a) Develop PATIENCE. As the old saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day" ... and neither will your business.

b) Don't look for Shortcuts, because there they aren't any. If you take our advise on HOW to build YOUR business, then "little by little" more than likely you will earn more income then ever thought possible. This is not a "get rich quick scheme" but a legitimate home based business that WORKS.

c) Every highly successful person says the SAME thing - "Never Give Up".

*DISCLAIMER -  All examples of income are not guarantees, but only to show you the Power of Our Marketing Program and how PATIENCE not Luck, a Business Degrees, College Degree or anything else is your "KEY TO SUCCESS".

It's PATIENCE from beginning to end and ... NEVER GIVING UP!

2How do I get Started?

Answer: You MUST join one (1) of our Auto Programs to qualify as a member and to receive commissions from other members that join your group. The income that is generated from these programs is how we pay commissions.

For More information go to: http://saas.shopsite.com/scriptures4us/auto.html

3) How do I build my business?

Answer: Join the Facebook Advertising Program. Our ads reaches thousands upon thousands of CHRISTIANS every week. All leads are equally divided among those who have joined this Fantastic and very inexpensive program.

For more information on these programs go to: http://saas.shopsite.com/scriptures4us/fb.html

4) How many Levels are there?

Answer: One Straight Level. Sponsor receives 90% commission on all personally sponsored members who join any of our Auto Bible Lessons Programs.

5) How often are commission checks sent?

Answer: Once a month. Minimum Check amount is $5.00. If less then $5.00 then that amount will be added to your account until the amount is at least $5.00. NO check will be issued that are less than $5.00. All commissions are mailed on/or about the 12th of each month for the previous months sales. However, if your latest debit was declined, we will not mail your check until this debit is approved. 

6) What is the Pay Forward Givers Program and how will it benefit me.

Answer: This is a Pre-Paid Program and here's how it works ... We will Automatically Add Two (2) New Members to your group each month. Each month you will receive back a 90% Commission ($35.92) from the two (2) Givers Members in addition to any other commissions you may receive from your other members ... GUARANTEED!!!

For more information on this program go to: http://saas.shopsite.com/scriptures4us/givers.html

7) Use our Pre-Pad Program to increase your commissions from 90% to 100% at no extra charge.

For more information go to: http://saas.shopsite.com/scriptures4us/pre.html

8) Can members who have a website, but have not joined the Auto Program purchase any of our products at up to 70% OFF.

AnswerYES. Go to: http://saas.shopsite.com/scriptures4us/nt.html

9) What kind of Products do you offer?

Answer: We have Bible Lessons Online, Bible Lessons on CD, Sales Aids and our Fantastic State-of-the-Art Nutritional/Skin Care Products. 

10) Do your products have a GUARANTEE?

AnswerYES. Try any of our products for 30 days and your not satisfied for any reason just let us know and we will refund 100% (minus shipping) the product price. NO Forms to fill out, NO Explanations and you don't even have to return the product. How's that for a GUARANTEE?

To view or order any of our products, visit our 24 Hour Online Store athttp://saas.shopesite.com/scriptures4us/nt.html

11) How Do I get my Monthly Bible Lessons?

AnswerONLY those who have joined the Bible Lessons Auto Program are entitled to receive our Monthly Lessons. A special link will be sent each month to their email address. Those who have joined the Bible Lessons on CD Program will receive their CD on/or about the 20th of each month PLUS the link for the Bible Lessons Online each month.

To listen to a sample Bible Lesson and to see what you will receive each month go to: http://scriptures4us.com/sample.html

12) Do you have a rating with the Better Business Bureau?

Answer: Yes we have a A+ Rating which is their highest rating and we have never had a complaint files against us.

Your Financial Future is in your hands ... GO FOR IT!!!

Any other questions, feel free to call us Toll Free 1-844-246-6760 Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Eastern Time or use our 24 hour CHAT button below or email us at scripbiz@gmail.com

 God Bless,


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